CORPORATE LEGAL INDONESIA is a brand service of HADS PARTNERSHIP, a law office duly established in 2005. We consist of talented professional lawyers with a wide range of legal expertise and experiences. Understanding what the clients really need, we don’t just give plain advices, we give solutions. We are committed to provide services in the most efficient ways, to set highest professional standards, and to meet specific needs of the client through a personal approach. Utilizing our extensive capability, we ensure punctual, practical, and applicable service will be provided to our clients in the most cost-effective methods.

CLI offers monthly services which is suitable for every Start Up and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSE) who has legal concern for running and developing business. Our mission is to become your strategic business partner to grow and achieving success together. CLI monthly service cover A – Z services to cover your all-daily legal needs from as simple as arranging documents until complex business negotiation assistance.

Because most of aspects in business is all about LEGAL. Legal services are required for the smooth functioning of your business. Working with legal experts gives you confidence and anassurance that you are doing things right. You can be assured that if anything goes wrong, you will be advised in the right manner. Having legal experts by your side also keep you away from committing any illegal work that can threaten your business.

CLI Monthly Service is exclusive for Start Up or MSE. The definition of Start Up or MSE is a company aged under 3 years and/or have a revenue under Rp.,- (fifteen billion rupiah). For company that does not classified as Start Up or MSE as mentioned can always contact us to have further discussion on our services.

Corporate Legal Indonesia is located in Jakarta as our head office and Bandung as our branch office.

HOW does CLI Monthly Service works?

CLI Monthly Services will be conducted by a dedicated lawyer which under direct supervision by PARTNER. We register every works assigned by the Company, so that every work will be trackable, updated and controllable We use trailing email as main tools for report and maintain the works.

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